How to cope with Grief?

Grief is a sickness that weighs you down to suffer over a regret or loss, it may be a person or job or any distress situation. American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler ross postulated five stages of grief.

As per observations, these stages are non-linear in general. You may come back to a stage even after you passed it.

What are the changes your body experience?

Oxytocin hormone levels in your body eventually decrease when you are depressed. People experiencing this tend to stay at home, avoid communication and never have the energy to keep up a conversation.

It may seem peaceful but it wrecks your social life and destroys mental health.

What’s the solution?

Mental stability decides your grief period. Average grief period of a normal person is two weeks to four years.

Let’s focus on how to limit our grief period. Your controlled emotions can minimize the period.

What exactly are emotions?

It may seem emotions are inbuilt hardwired in your brain but they are not. No brain on this planet contains emotion circuits.

Emotions are predictions your brain constructs to react based on past experiences felt or observed around you. Brain predicts using its past experience based on similar situations to try to make meaning.  The emotions which seem to happen to you are made by you. So why not make these emotions healthy. Why not make these emotions hardly defensive in order to react to upcoming hurdles or ongoing hurdles.

How to develop healthy emotions?

The human brain observes surrounding situations and drops conclusions and reacts in order when the situation is repeated. So positive environment develops healthy conclusions on a particular situation which tends to a healthy emotion.

We may never always have positive surroundings but preventing negative thoughts from influencing our brain is in our hands.

Why not skip the grieving period?

Grieving over something is not unnecessary, that’s what makes you feel alive. Life is supposed to be sweet and sour. Many leave grieving in the denial state which results in psychotic behavior, repulsive nature, and arrogance.

If one fails in processing emotions also fails in reacting to upcoming situations and ends up developing negative energy.

Why not stay in a grieving state forever?

Some may never move ahead of the depression stage to the acceptance stage especially the ones who lost their loved ones or another personal tragedy involves death.

They tend to live eternally directionless and feel stuck in a locked vault. Well, they intentionally accept suffering as their reaction which is totally messed up.

This leads to a complete hopeless and depressed life which tends to the idea of taking their own life .

Developing healthy emotions and nourishing oxytocin hormone levels in your body helps in training your brain how to react defensively in hard situations.

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