The God is Dead

Look around you. What do you see? A pen? A chair? A wall-clock? Do they have any purpose? With a close inspection, you realize that they serve a purpose. So who made them? From your knowledge, you know that someone created them accordingly to serve a purpose. What differentiates them with let’s say a rock? Clearly, a wall clock is more complex and made with ingenuity and purpose. Look into nature, all the life-forms with great complexity. Now, look at yourself. Your skin heals wounds by itself. You have the right structure to walk. An eye that is so complex helps you to see. Your whole body is an ingenious design. Now, don’t you think someone created it?

From the dawn of human civilization, we started asking questions that have no evidential answers. What is the bright thing up in the sky? Why does it move around? What are the twinkling things at night? What happens to us after we Die? What is our purpose and why do we exist? Then came the religion which answered all of those questions. It gave us our purpose to live. It told us there is a super being who watches us every time. He is

  • Omniscient – Knows everything
  • Omnipresent – All-powerful
  • Omnibenevolent – Posses ultimate goodness
  • Omnitemporal – Exists at all places
  • Omnipresent – Exists at all times

He is the God.

How we created God and then killed him?

As humans, we cannot live our lives with questions. People don’t like being unknown of their existence. So we started giving our own imaginative answers. We thought of a superbeing who created us and everything else. Every place on earth gave rise to some kind of religion and its own version of God. They provide us our purpose to exist and set rules which are not meant to object. Slowly these rules became part of our culture and were never violated. People who were born ever since are induced with the notion of following the religion and never question it. Religion gave us some kind of belonging in this world. It successfully held peace in large communities but failed to stop religious wars. It brought many great artists and musicians who enhanced our human experience.

But people never had the liberty to question religion. The ones who questioned were prisoned or executed. The reason religion and God survived this long is that they reside in the unknown. They were in a place where their existence could not be falsified. But back then there were no other options except other mystical creatures which are very similar to a God. Philosophers tackled the idea of God with skepticism and addressed the flaws in the religious texts. But they couldn’t go beyond the unknown.

Later during the scientific revolution, all the myths of the religion are busted. Our earth was never the center of the universe and we revolve around the sun like any other planet. The study of microorganisms helped us to fight diseases which were never been treated before. The establishment of the scientific method to seek the truth abolished blind faith. The big problem to the religion came with the discovery of evolution because no religion had any clue about it. Darwin’s study on natural selection brought us insights into how life has evolved. Many fossils of our evolutionary ancestors answered the question of how we came into existence. The advancements in Astronomy pushed the bounds of the unknown. In today’s world, we really don’t refer God for our troubles. From being the only answer to just philosophical argument his stakes have gone down. We killed him.

Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?

– Nietzsche

Why do people still believe in a God?

Even after discovering the unknown, people still don’t want to leave the religion. They can’t accept the fact that there is no one up there looking for us. All the religious texts which were believed literally now became poetry. There are many statements that are outright lies. As they cannot deny the facts, they tend to believe those texts were meant to understand figuratively. If there is no God up there people lose meaning to their lives. The whole structure of their morality depends on him. If there is no God and we don’t have any purpose it contradicts our will to live. So people choose to be religious which gives them purpose. This shows us our inability to accept the truth and move on.

Do Morality exist beyond Religion?

Morals as we know them are the principles that were taught by our respective religions. As religion is man-made we created it for our comforts. The concept of helping others comes from our instinct that we are social animals. By helping others they gain gratitude towards you which later tends them to help you. Eventually, as a society, we grow by this. But this is not something that roots from the religion. Morals should exist on the basis of human development but not on religious texts. The universe doesn’t care about the good things you do or the bad ones. They are only good or bad in your perspective. Ultimately you have to choose what to do so that you can survive and reproduce. That’s what life is all about to survive and reproduce. God didn’t create morals, we did.

What about Spirituality?

Many state that, “Spirituality is the leftovers of Religion”. It is true. The feeling that your soul resides in your body itself is a misinterpretation of consciousness. You cannot exist without your body. The body is you. All the spiritual things you felt are just chemical reactions in your brain. The feeling of something unreal is the first sign that it is just an assumption. The fact that our brains trick us into feeling something that is not there contradicts spirituality. We cannot trust our senses that is the reason why we have machines to measure something.

Is Life Meaningless?

As science unlocks new mysteries, we come closer and closer to nihilism. Humans feel special about their existence. Even though billions of species roamed this planet we still somehow feel special about ourselves. This is perfectly represented in many religions that God is represented in a human form. That shows our ego and how self-centered we are. We came up with God and religion because we thought we are special and the earth is what there is. Later it was found that we are a part of a planetary system that revolves around the sun.

It decreased the probability of us being special. Further studies concluded that we are part of a galaxy that has millions of stars in it and corresponding planets. And there are billions of other galaxies too. Now think how minuscule you are. There are studies that suggest that there is a multiverse. Even if God existed, he has no reason to look after us. There might be many other life forms across the galaxy. Combine with the fact that you don’t have free will, life is certainly meaningless.

Knowing life is meaningless is depressing, if you didn’t get that ‘Ignorance is Bliss’.

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