A scientifically accurate Twin

                      One day, a thought stuck in my head that, “If we made a replica of someone, at that point who is the actual person?”. Biological twins share the same genetics but can behave differently. Clone is a word used for defining an organism that has the exact genetic information of another organism from which it is derived. But having the same DNA doesn’t make an organism identical to its parent. They might have identical organs but if they were to choose between two things, they might end up making different decisions. My point is not only about sharing the same DNA but responding the same for every circumstance. 

Cloning Einstein does not produce another Einstein. We can replicate his body with the same DNA but cannot produce his thought processing. If we want an exact clone of someone the task is bigger. Firstly, if we need to replicate a person’s thought processing it is actually nothing but his experiences in the past. The experiences of any organism their surroundings from their birth lead him to think in a specific manner. All those things help his brain to react to something specifically. The information of responding to something is in the neural network of the brain. At a microscopic level, those are just tissues of carbon chains. And even further the orientation of other atoms around the carbon itself defines the structure and behavior. It is supposed that a single cell of the human body contains  1.5 GB of information and our body consists of 30-40 Trillion cells and that makes up 60 Zeta Bytes of information. That’s nowhere our computers can process but someday we have the capability of calculating those with quantum computing.

After collecting the information of 60 Zeta Bytes we have work on framing all the atoms together. We don’t have a machine that just makes gold out of the trash but technically it is possible. All the things that have ever existed are made up of sub-atomic particles (Protons, neutrons, and electrons) and if we go further there are quarks. But the point is everything in the universe is made up of these things. Manipulating them gives us matter. Every other element we see, use, and experiment with today are all derived from hydrogen. It all started in the stars, due to high pressures at the core of the star hydrogen fused into helium and its isotopes and helium then fused into carbon. In nuclear power plants, uranium undergoes fission and produces isotopes of iodine, caesium, strontium, xenon, and barium. With a huge amount of energy, we can make and break atoms. The problem is that we don’t have access to that much amount of energy and even if we did, controlling it is even much harder.

Somehow if we have all those resources in the near future, there is a problem of a similar element not being the same. Even if two atoms are of the same element their electrons can be at different energy levels. Atoms having electrons at different energy levels react differently. Maintaining the electrons in specific energy is another thing. And there are things still we don’t know about atoms. As per the uncertainty principle finding the position and momentum at the same time is not possible. And another problem is with time. All the measuring is to be done with Planck Time (lowest value of time) because for every new Planck Time there is a possibility of atoms changing their state. Processing information at that speed is very difficult.

Finally, if we crossed those limits and recreate a human being of a particular plank time, are they going to have the same consciousness? There is a problem understanding what consciousness is because we can’t just accept it as just some kind of chemical reaction in our brain. We experience things, learn from something, feel a sense of existence. The better way to understand consciousness is that it is like a fin to fish, wings to a bird, white fur of a polar bear. When life is used to be unicellular on earth their basic task is to eat, reproduce, and live. As the complexity increased with the multicellular organism, they had choices to eat and reproduce. They produced senses to interact with their surroundings. Organisms that ate nutritious food prospered and others didn’t. They had to examine things and decide whether to eat a particular food or not. Even if they had senses to make difference between things, they had to choose between things that are edible

Darwin’s Natural selection has a lot to do with consciousness.            The organisms that survived by eating nutritious food differentiated with food that isn’t nutritious by remembering. Every time they ate nutritious food the nervous system remembered the response of the olfactory receptors. When the organism came across the same food the nervous system makes the organism eat it. Remembering something is the first major step of consciousness. There is a constant threat of predators, they had to escape from them. For this task, they had to develop their senses to work collectively and made neural networks for everything they had experienced to decide what should be done to survive. And there is a beautiful thing in nature is that every mammal’s cub knows how to drink milk from its mother. Then cub never experienced drinking milk from its mother then how did it know to do so? The answer is that already it had the neural network of how to drink milk. It was programmed to be ready for survival. Our ancestors didn’t just give their traits, they also gave us their experiences for our survival. The food we eat is delicious because in the evolutionary process the food which gave a lot of energy turned into tasting delicious by which the animals tend to eat more thus getting more energy.

So, coming to the point that the same consciousness existing at the same time, yeah it is possible but the Plank Time after you created a clone of someone, their consciousness split into two according to what they experience. But it is cool to have a twin brother and who thinks exactly like you.

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